WAALM-Logo Kaveh Farrokh is the Chair of the Cultural Diplomacy’s Department of  Traditions & Cultural History of the WAALM  Academy in London, England.  WAALM is affiliated with the  Academic Council On The United Nations System (ACUNS) and The International Peace Bureau. WAALM was  nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 – click image below (originally posted in Persianesque Magazine) for more information:

WAALM-Nobel Nomination

Prof. Kaveh Farrokh, PhD
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Department of Traditions & Cultural History Accepts Applications
 Department of Traditions and Cultural History provides insights into historic traditions and cultures of the major ancient and modern civilizations. It equips the learners with an overview on cross-cultural aspect of traditions in humanities.

Subjects:     – Traditions and Encounters         – Human Thoughts and Culture   – Costumes and Ceremonies      – Cross – Cultural ArchitectureQualifications:
Each subject can be taken as a single module or group of study modules / subjects.Certificate:  will be conferred to those who successfully complete a single module.Advanced Certificate:  will be conferred to those who in addition to completion of a module, they carry
out a research and a short dissertation (5,500 words) on an approved related topic.
Diploma:  will be conferred to those who successfully complete four modules and a final dissertation on an approved topic (8,000 words).Research Based Diploma: will be conferred to those who could successfully carry out an extensive
research and dissertation (17,000 words) on an approved topic by this department. For Further Information & Admission click HERE