In addition to his courses at the University of British Columbia-Continuing Studies Division, Kaveh Farrokh has delivered seminars at the Portland State University, University of Southern California, Stanford University and Yerevan State University.


Portland UniversityKaveh Farrokh provided a seminar at Portland State University (PSU) (topic: Women in Ancient Iran) on April 20, 2013. The PSU lecture was part of a larger series of talks on Persian Women organized by the Persian program at PSU and  presented with funding from PARSA Community Foundation (see Facebook) and co-sponsored by the Middle East Studies Center and the Department of World Languages & Literature at Portland State University. For more information, click poster of the event below:



usclogoKaveh Farrokh provided a two-part lecture at the University of Southern California (USC) (topic: Iran and the Caucasus: A Long-Lasting Legacy of Historical & Cultural Ties) on April 22, 2013. The USC lecture has been made possible by the organizational and coordination efforts of the Persian Academic and Cultural Student Association (PACSA – see Facebook) and support of the Persian American Society (PAS). For more information, click poster of the event below:



StanfordKaveh Farrokh who is a Member of Stanford University’s WAIS (World Association of International Studies) provided  a book presentation and a 2-part seminar on ancient Persia at Stanford University’s WAIS 2006 Critical World Problems Conference Presentations on July 30-31, 2006. For more information, click icon below:


Shadows-in-the-Desert-in-Persian-English-RussianNOTE: Farrokh’s text, Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War-Персы: Армия великих царей-سایه‌های صحرا– (foreword by Professor Emeritus Richard Nelson Frye of Harvard University) is recommended reading for a  Stanford University course: The Art of Persia.



YSUKaveh Farrokh has delivered a number of lectures for the Iranian Studies Department of the University of Yerevan in November 2011 and November 2013.

In November 2013, Kaveh Farrokh provided a presentation at  (بخش ایران شناسی دانشگاه دولتی ایروان) the University of Yerevan Iranian Studies Department  entitled “Shirvan, Arran, and Azerbaijan: A Historical-Cultural Retrospective” conference (kindly click here for more information on all conference participants and their topics). He also delivered a second (2-part) lecture entitled “Cultural Links between Iran, Armenia and Georgia from Antiquity to the early 1800s“. These were delivered on November 2 and 4th respectively. For more, see here



ysu_logoKaveh Farrokh was also one of the Keynote Presenters at the 2nd International Conference on Talishi Studies at Yerevan, Armenia Nov. 12-13, 2011. The Conference was organized by the International Journal “Iran and the Caucasus” (BRILL, Leiden-Boston) in the Framework of the Celebration of its 15th Anniversary, in cooperation with Modus Vivendi Center, Yerevan; Caucasian Center for Iranian Studies, Yerevan; International Society for the Study of Turkey, Iran and the Caucasus (ISSTIC), and ARMACAD (supported by Hyksos Foundation). The conference was reported in Armenian print and TV media. Click brochure and enlarge below to see list of presenters (brochure cover at left – page 4 of that brochure at right):


Brochure-Yerevan-2011 and Page4