Corroboration of Farrokh’s instruction of ancient Iranian history is provided by Joanee Savory of the UBC-Continuing Studies  program in an e-mail below sent in the Fall of 2008 (see below) – for further information, Ms. savory may be reached at the contacts cited in the e-mail:


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Subject:Confirmation that Dr. Kaveh Farrokh has taught for UBC Continuing Studies
Date:Wed, 12 Nov 2008 16:49:00 -0800
From:Joanne Savory <[email protected]>
Organization:The University of British Columbia
To:Kaveh Farrokh [email protected]

To whom it may concern, This email is to confirm that Dr. Kaveh Farrokh has taught three times in the past for UBC Continuing Studies. Unfortunately no links exist on our website to his previous courses due to the fact that our website only includes active courses for the current term and as we set up the records for the current term, we delete those that have run previously. To confirm however, in the Fall of 2004 he gave 2 out of 6 lectures in a series we ran entitled “A Persian Tapestry”, a series in which we looked at the rich history of Persian Civilization, one which is often forgotten or overlooked due to current political events, particularly by those in the western world. His lectures were about “World Civilization and Persia’s Silent Legacy, Parts 1 and 2“. Likewise Dr. Farrokh gave lectures in our “A Persian Tapestry” series which ran during the Winter 2005 term…. on “Persia, Mythology and Chivalry, and another on “Persia: The Sciences, Medicine, Learning, Music and Engineering”. He also taught a week long course, also entitled “A Persian Tapestry”: The Spring Lectures program during the Summer of 2005…Over 95 students enrolled for this course and it was very enthusiastically received by the students. I am looking forward to having Dr. Farrokh teach for us as part of our upcoming Ageless Pursuits 2009 program. If I can provide any further information, please feel free to contact me via email or the phone number listed below. Please accept my apologies for the delay in sending this to you- I’ve just returned to the office today. Yours Sincerely, Joanne Savory —

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