From Langara College Website article “Award Winning Author Walks the Halls of Langara College“.

May 26, 2009

The next time you walk down the hall, see if you can spot Dr. Kaveh Farrokh, a Langara College student counselor and award-winning author. Farrokh authored an award-winning book titled, “Shadows in the Desert” which provides a refreshing look into Greco-Persian history and includes a foreword from Harvard University Professor, Emeritus Richard Nelson Frye.

Winner of the 2008 Best History Book from the World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media, “Shadows in the Desert” was also nominated by the Independent Book Publishers Association in the US as being one of the top three history books of the year. Most recently, the book was honored by receiving the 2009 Scholarship and Merit Award which has been praised by top-level scholars such as Stanford University Professor Patrick Hunt of the (Department of Classics, Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones and Department of Classics, University of Edinburgh) and Geoffrey Greatrex (Department of Classics, University of Ottawa). Dr. Kaveh Farrokh has been recently made a member of Stanford University’s WAIS Society (World Association of International Studies) for his academic achievements and work in history. He currently writes books and papers pertaining to ancient history.

Farrokh’s strong interest combined with his knowledge in the field of Iranian History and Linguistics (Farrokh speaks an astonishing 4 languages – English, German, French, and Persian – along with a working knowledge of Provencal, Italian, Dutch, Kurmanji Kurdish, Latin and Pahlavi), gave him with the motivation and tools required to create “Shadows in the Desert.”

When asked about the success of his work and possible future projects, Dr. Kaveh Farrokh responded with optimism: “… The positive lesson to me is that people really like history… and now I feel as if I’ve almost got an obligation to continue because of the growing interest.“

Aside from speaking at Stanford and being interviewed by the History Channel, the BBC and the Voice of America, Dr. Kaveh Farrokh enjoys his weekdays at Langara College, offering academic & career advice for all students.

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