Kaveh Farrokh has been interviewed by the BBC about Spiegel Magazines attack against Cyrus the Great in July 2008 (see also Farrokh’s response against the Daily Telegraph’s attack against Cyrus the Great launched just days after Spiegel).

Interview with BBC Persian

For more on on these topics see: Eurocentricism or Nodicism.

Kaveh Farrokh has also been cited by the BBC News Service’s Persian Section on November 5th, 2008. The BBC report states that:

Kaveh Farrokh…received the Best History Book Award for Shadows in the Desert.

The BBC report was in reference to the WAALM event in London on October 31, 2008 (see also report in the London-based Kayhan newspaper).

Below is a photograph of Farrokh being briefly interviewed by members of the London Press as were all WAALM Awardees (October 31, 2008) attending the event: