Construction projects have often put historical and heritage sites in Iran at risk. The most recent example of this occured during the second week of August of 2008, when a hotel construction company bought bulldozers to carve out 10,000 square meters from the ancient site of Susa.

The bulldozers have been reported as having inflicted serious damage to the site of Susa during August 2008. Iranian authorities have documented the damage caused by the recent construction at the site to make way for a hotel. These actions were vociferously condemned by concerned parties in Iran.  

The below photos provide some glimpses into the damages wrought against this ancient site, dating back originally to perhaps 7000 years ago.


Brick wall damaged by bulldozers (Source: Tabnak News in iran).


Hotel construction at the site of Susa. The ancient site of Susa will now become the “Laleh Hotel”  (Source: Tabnak News in iran).

The Susa site contains invaluable archaeological data dating to the late Parthian (248 BC-224 AD) and Sasanian (224-651 AD) eras. During the land clearing process Partho-Sassanian  relics, as well as a skeleton, were simply destroyed. 

The construction permit has been issued by Khuzestan Province’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation (ICHHTO). Fortunately, Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaei (head of ICHHTO) spoke to reporters in Tehran and assured that the construction company will be bought to justice.