The head of the Iranian-French archeology project at Bolaghi, Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ataee, has raised a number of serious concerns with respect to the potential of recent damage to the site. He noted that:

 “After we started our excavations in the historic hill where this monument is located, we realized that it consisted of one historic layer only. Since no other layers were constructed on top of this layer, archeologists were hoping to unearth the entire palace intact. However, after they made their trenches they got to a number of wells which had been dug by illegal smugglers and also traces of bulldozers which had caused serious damage to this ancient Achaemenid palace“.

Ataee has also reported that the destruction wrought upon this palace by bulldozers (notably the top of the walls):

“…was a deliberate act by an unknown person or group of people who intended to devastate this place for a reason that is not clear for archeologists“.  

Other concerns at the Bolaghi Gorge, which is near the ancient site of Pasargade, are that the Sivand Dam project may flood the area and submerge the site. Ataee has noted that while the inauguration of the Sivand Dam would not directly affect the Bolaghi Palace, the potential humidity generated by that dam could seriously damage the site over time.