As noted in the News Blog of November 9, 2011, a major conference was held in Yerevan, Armenia entitled: The 2nd International Conference on Talishi Studies at Yerevan, Armenia on 12-13 Nov 2011  During that conference Kaveh Farrokh presented a paper entitled “The Process of the De-Iranianization of Caucasian Azerbaijan (1828-Present)”.



[CLICK TO ENLARGE] Brochure cover for the 2nd International Conference on Talishi Studies (left) with Page 4 of the Brochure at right which lists the Key Presenters opening the conference.

Armenian print and TV media provided extensive coverage of this event and conducted several interviews with the conference participants, including kaveh Farrokh who was cited in the Armenian Times and Panorama News. Farrokh was also one of the persons interviewed on Armenian TV news – see below: 

Armenian State TV – Hyalur on Nov. 12 2011. The news program interviewed a whole host of participants, including Professor Ali Granmayeh (London Middle East Institute, SOAS, University of London). Kaveh  Farrokh is interviewed approximately 24 minutes into the program.

The conference addressed mutliple facets of Talishi issues, including the state of the language in Iran and the Caucasus, its linguistic characteristics (especially in relation to other Iranian languages such as Gilaki and Mazandarani), social and cultural aspects (i.e. Professor Arakelova’s presentation of demonic figures in Talishi folklore), etc.  In this endeavor, the conference hosted a wide array of excellent topics and presenters from the Caucasus, Iran, Russia and Europe.

The conference was laden with a whole sleuth of excellent topics and scholars. Above is Shadi Davari from Iran presenting her paper “On Talishi Oblique Case: A Case of Syncretism”.

A number of excellent new publications also appeared during the conference, some of which are presented below:

[CLICK TO ENLARGE] The number 37-38, 2011 edition of the Farhang-e-Mardom (Iranian Folklore Quarterly), a Persian language quarterly with a primary focus on Iranian traditions and folklore. There is also a short section dedicated to English-language abstracts.


[CLICK TO ENLARGE]. Rouben Galichian (2010). Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Showcasing of Imagination (second, revised and expanded edition). London/Yerevan:  Gomitas Institute & Printinfo Art Books. ISBN: 978-1-903656-86-0. This book is also available in pdf – click here…

Below are some photos taken from the conference.

Evening of Nov 12, 2011 in Yerevan; at left Professor Garnik Asatrian (Chair, Iranian Studies Department, Yerevan State University; Editor, “Iran and the Caucasus”, BRILL, Leiden-Boston) and Kaveh Farrokh at right.

From left to right: Kaveh Farrokh, Professor Victoria Arakelova (Associate Professor, Department of Iranian Studies, Yerevan State University; Associate Editor, “Iran and the Caucasus”, BRILL, Leiden) and Professor Ali Granmayeh (London Middle East Institute, SOAS, University of London). Professor Arakelova presented a  paper entitled “Demonic creatures and demonized deities in the system of Talishi Folk beliefs” with Professor Granmayeh presenting a paper entitled “Talishi Language and Culture: How to Save them?”

Banquet held for conference participants on the evening of Nov. 12, 2011.  Gentleman with black jacket and moustache is Professor Arayik Sargsyan (Sarkissyan), Academician and Vice President of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues in Russia. At right (with dark-blue tie and smiling) is Russian professor Audrey Arashev who presented a paper entitled “The Talysh Region and the Current Political Transformations in the South Caucasus”. To the left of Professor Sargsyan (Sarkissyan) sits Professor Sekandar Amanollahi-Baharvand who teaches anthropology at the University of Shiraz.

A lunch break on November 13, 2011 at Yerevan’s Anahit Restaurant, hosted by Professor Geurgin Melikiyan (Dean of Oriental Studies, Yerevan University and Aide to the Armenian Minister of War). At right side of the table are (from back to front) Professor Geurgin Melikiyan and Professor Zhores Khachatrian (major researcher and archaeologist, Yerevan State University) – at the left side of the table are (from back to front) Professor Ali Ashraf Sadeghi  (Professor of Linguistics at Tehran University, Permanent Member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature) and Professor Dabir-Moghaddam (Professor of Linguistics at Allameh Tabataba’i University, Permanent Member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature). Kaveh Farrokh with red shirt at far back.

 A rare early 1900s photo of Yerevan’s city streets.

A piece of history: A late 19th or early 20th century Armenian gavel and block.