Below is a picture drawn almost 600 years ago depciting  Marco Polo arriving into the Persian Gulf through Hormuz.

Marco Polo arrives from India at Hormuz with elephants and camels at the Persian Gulf. Picture source by the French-Flemish manuscript illuminator, Boucicaut Master.whose works were created in crica  1375-1400. For more on this topic consult a commentary in Persian in the  فوسکا  website.

Between 1271-1295, Marco Polo (circa 1254-1324) travelled from his native Italy to the Far east and China. Marco Polo, who knew Persian, travelled through Iran – he first arrived there in 1271.

A map of Marco Polo’s travels between 1271-1295.

As he travelled through Iran, Marco Polo visited the tomb of the ancient Magi at Saveh; the Persian Magi reputedly witnessed the birth of Christ. Later Roman authorities appear to have altered the reference to the “Persian Magi” into “Magi from the East“.


Marco Polo (1254-1324)