The late Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor(1932-2011)  travelled to Iran in 1976. She visited Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad, Shiraz and the remains of Persepolis.  She also inaugurated the first Iran Air flight between Tehran and London during her 1976 visit to Iran.

Note also a report by the BBC Persian News Service which outlines Elizabeth Taylor’s visit to Tehran in the 1970s (kindly click the link below):

الیزابت تیلور در ایران

Below are some rare photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s visit to Iran in the 1970s.

Elizabeth Taylor in traditional iranian dress when visisitng Isfahan. See also another view her dress below:


Taylor poses with Iranian officials at Homa headquarters during the 1976 inauguration of Iran Air’s first Tehran-London flight. Irna had just taken delivery of her first Boeing-747 Jumbojet aircraft.


Another photo of the inauguation of the first Iran Air Boeing 747 flight to London. Note that Taylor stands next to Nasser Malek Motii (gesturing with hand) a famous Iranian actor of the 1970s.