The Rise of the Sassanian Empire (late 220s AD-451 AD)

The Rise of the Sassanian Empire in the late 220s to 451 AD. Note the expnasions to the East and Central Asia and fluctuating borders with Rome in Mesopotamia (Farrokh, 2007, pp.187).


The Failed invasion of Julian the Apostate (363 AD)

The Sassanian Empire in 362 AD just one year prior to invasion by Julian the Apostate (McEvedy, 1967, pp.89).

The route of Julian’s invasion and retreat from Sassanian Iran in 363 AD (Farrokh, 2007, pp. 207).

Sassanian Iran in relation to the Huns and Rome by 451 AD

 The Sassanian Empire was now faced with the dual threats of opponents in Central Asia (The Hephthalities or “White Huns”) and the Romans to their west. (McEvedy, 1992, pp.17).

Late Sassanian Iran at its maximuum extent early 600s AD

The Sassanian Empire reached its maximum extent in 626 AD and very nearly recreated the Achaemenid Empire of Darius the Great. (McEvedy, 1992, pp.31).