A dynamic, passionate actress and filmmaker, SAYE YABANDEH is constantly seeking out strong female roles to perform, pairing her exotic appearance with unique, driven characters.  And as a film and TV producer, she strives to bring only the highest-quality projects to the screen; real stories that will connect with everyone in a special way.

Iranian-American actress Saye Yabandeh, one of the distinguished 11th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival winners  of 2011 (see further below).

Growing up in her native Iran was difficult, where choices for an ambitious young woman like Saye were very limited.  After deciding to use film to build a platform to share a message with the world, Saye chose to move to Los Angeles and studied acting at The Meisner Center and directing at UCLA.  She is fluent in English and Persian, and has traveled much of the world for plays and film roles.


Film clips of Saye Yabandeh. Note her versatility in different roles as well as her surprising agility and proficiency in handling swords.

Aside from acting in a number of excellent movies, Saye has worked many different positions on various sets, building her producing experience from the ground up.  After working with Persian and Global TV for several years and providing hours and hours of content, Saye still enjoys the challenges of producing, bringing a team together and surrounding herself with good people with positive attitudes, who believe in a project and will see it through.

One of her best memories in film was while “working on a short film in the desert where we were doing stunts and fights in 120 degrees wearing black leather.  Even though strong winds blew craft services away, there were still smiles among the cast and crew.  Everyone on that shoot was looking out for each other.  That kind of experience, the memories…amazing!”


An on-line tribute to the works of Saye Yabandeh.

Saye believes strongly in maintaining a good quality of life, and understands the importance of balance between work and personal harmony. As a professional swimmer, health, fitness, and a positive mental attitude are key to her existence.

Part of that positive mental attitude is exhibited in her efforts to affect the world by being an answer to individuals with problems.  She donates her time to a number of causes and has hosted several charity events, including the Persian Relief Center, which provides aid for Persians in the United States who need help.

Saye won the best Actress Award at the 11th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival Award Winners -see also movie poster of the movie  “5th and Alameda” below :


See video below of Saye’s speech following her award:

Saye yabandeh’s Speech after winning the best Actress Award at beverly hills film festival. She was one of the 11th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival Announces Award Winners.

Saye is currently engaged in the production on several exciting film projects. Remarkably she has scored yet another professional success as Best Actress at the Action On Film International Film Festival:

Saye yabandeh wins “BEST ACTRESS” at Action On Film International Film Festival 2011 (click also here).

Saye Yabandeh is among a dynamic new generation of new Iranian acresses. For more information please see: http://www.facebook.com/pages/4th-Alameda/127116884005835;  see also http://www.leoentertainment.com/.