This page is a work in progress dedicated to the struggles of Iranian women to gian equal rights. Below is a photo album of the activities of Iranian women to advance equal rights.


A Committee of Women’s Rights activists in Tehran-1932 (forwarded to by Shahyar Mahabadi).

An Association of Progressive Iranian Women in 1936, also known as the “Kanoon e Banoovan” or Ladies Association (Picture source: Iran Politics Club).

Iranian women vote in elections in 1962. 

Iranian poet Dr. Zhaleh Isfahani.

A video outlining the demonstrations of Iranian women on March 8, 1979 against the imposition of Hijab and conservative religious laws by the extreme religious right.

Iranian women demonstrating against the extreme religious right’s imposed veiling (Chador) of women on March 8, 1979 – a new generation of Iranian women commemorating the 1979 anti-Chador protests circa 2009-2010  (Picture sources: Iran Politics Club).

Women in Iran demonstrate for Women’s Rights-2009 (Picture source: Sisyphus).