Below are representations of racist western views or Eurocentricism against Iranian history, culture and people. Readers are strongly warned that the views expostulated are very disturbing, racist and Eurocentric.

Note that the statements are from a wide swathe of society, cinsluing important high-ranking statesmen such as Ruel Marc Gerecht of the American Enterprise Institute.

CAUTION: Some of the content below has been edited due to rude content.


Racist Comments against Iranian History

“There were no contributions from the Iranians to the world…There is good reason why the west accepts the Greeks as the cradle of western civilization..if your civilization was that great as you say, then the east would accept you as their cradle…But, I am sorry to break the news to you you were fimble with comparison to the Greeks and their achievements…. “

“HistoryBuff ” in praise of Peter Green’s book “”The Greco-Persian Wars in 

Heraclius’ victory meant the end of Persia

Jona Lendering in his website expressing a linear Eurocentrist vinterpretation of late Sassanian history. Lendering’s views of history are controversial (read: Jona Lendering is still Lying in his Livius website) and have led a major Human Rights petition against him with over 1400 signatures to date. Read more: The Axis of Prejudice: From Khalkhali to Lendering & Their Crusade Against Cyrus the Great.


Racist Comments against Iranian Women

“No wonder why this country is in such a deep ****  … That is because of these lazy stupid, hammerhead, selfish b*****s who as long as have a bone in their a***s and some crap in their stomach, do not care about anything else! …They disgust humanity…”

Comment made against Iranian women dancing in a Youtube posting


Racist Comments against Iranian People

“The Iranians …have terrorism in their DNA.”

Ruel Marc Gerecht of the American Enterprise Institute

“IraN is backward Central Asian hairy nation, it is composed of a mixture of low life species …Even uglier than Arabs, from whom they are otherwise indistinguishable…Persian” was just some faggotry label given to them by the Greeks, kind of like black person or gook…How to Identify an Iranian…Unibrow…Hideously ugly…”

Racist comments on a site that mimics Wikipedia – note that Wikipedia has not cencored this link



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