Prof. Dr. Ariel Barkan wrote a letter to the Jewish Exponent’s web page on the 17th of May 2007 entitled

Armenian Tale of Turkish Genocide Simply Untrue: (click on title to open)

Dr. Barkan claims that there was no Genocide! He adds that ‘there was no genocide because of the lack of intent or organized action on the part of the Ottoman government to exterminate Armenians as such. 

The radical arguments of Dr Barkan are in line with extremist Pan Turks.  Now when one country after the other across the world is recognizing the Armenian genocide, one wonders why Dr. Baarkan makes such misguided remarks.  Dr. Barkan is a Doctor of Medicine and his behavior is absolutely unjust for an individual of the medical profession.  

An article against Barkan’s action was published in the Persian Mirror Magazine: 

 We would like to invite all people to take part in the petition against Dr. Ariel L. Barkan: