Below are video clips of Eurocentrist violence (i.e. Skinheads, White supremacists, etc.) against Iranian Peoples in various Western countries.



-حملهٔ وحشیانه نژاد پرستان یونانی به پناهندگان ایرانی‌ در یونان- Iranian refugees in Athens, Greece describe attacks upon them by Greek skinheads on May 14, 2011. 

Greece has long been known for her traditions of democracy – a term of Greek origin (Demos = people & Kratus = government). She too is now home to a very small xenophobic neo-Nazi style movement that identifies with west European racist organizations. Above is the Greek Neo-Nazi group known as “Chryssi Avgi” (Golden Dawn) which is vehemently racist and often attacks immigrants  from “non-European” countries.

There is a strong note of irnoy here, especially with respect to Greek racists/Skinheads. First, Greece is the birthplace of democracy and has set the standard of civilized behaviour in European civilization. Second, Greece is not a Nordic country – it is a Mediterranean nation with very long-standing links to the Mediterranean basin and the Near East. Greek civilization (and its Roman successor) ) may be argued ot tbe foudnation of Western civilization.

The third irony of Greek Skinhead movements iis perhpas the most superficial one of all – many modern-day Greeks certainly do not fit the Nordic ideal. Greeks have in fact been the victims of Nazi racism throughout World War Two-see report below:

Greek victims of Nazi atrocities file claim for WWII damages from Germany


Perhaps Europe’s most absurd hate group today is the Russian fascist movement which has adopted pan-Nordic neo-Nazi ideology alongside its infamous Hitler salute. Russian neo-Nazis are an oxymoronic organization. These gentlemen have conveniently “forgotten” Hitler’s brutal and barbaric invasion of Russia on June 22, 1941, a war which cost the lives of over 20 million Russian men, women and children. Hitler’s Nazi ideology ranked Slavic peoples such as the Russians among the inferior Untermenschen (Subhumans) “slave races”. Millions of Russian prisoners were murdered in cold blood by the Nazis – in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention.

Russian prisoners being executed by German Nazis in 1941 (at right) and modern-day Russian skinheads giving the Heil Hitler salute (right). Hitler and the Nazis considered Russians and Slavs as an inferior race; Russia lost well over 20 million people in their war of survival against Nazi Germany during World War Two. The Russian skinheads are in effect disrespecting the history of their nation and the fact that their grandparents fought against the Nazis. The Russian neo-Nazis evidently have no respect for truth and history and show even less respect for human dignity and human life.

Video showing racist violence of Russian skinheads against non-Europeans, especially against Caucasians (Armenians, Georgians, etc.) , Central Asians, etc. Note the death of a 9-year old from Tajikestan named Khorshida  at the hands of skinheads.