The comments below were posted by a pan-Arab nationalist on YouTube against Kaveh Farrokh in an interview with Voice of America (August 14, 2011). Note the racism of the gentleman against Iranians and Iran. Despite his hatred of Iranians, the gentleman is supported by a number of pan-Islamist Iranians who post similar ad hominem comments. The gentleman does not identify his name and his photo may not be his – he identifies himself as: d34dmantwoguns.

Pan-Arabist…To be an “Iranian” scholar dedicated to anthropology or history is to simply build on a narrative of lies and racism. That is not history nor is it true. To most us it is a coloring book worthy of chimpanzees and brainwashed people of “Iran”. Why does this man have a job at the University of British Columbia shouldn’t he be janitor at a middle school in North Dakota? What is wrong with you people?


Despite his hatred of Iran and Iranians, the gentleman is actually supported by a pan-Islamist Iranians who post similar ad hominem comments and also attack the history of Iran (see here).