As part of its modernization drive from the mid-1920s to the early 1940s, the Iranian army focused on procuring modern artillery and armored vehicles for its forces. Mechanized transport became a high priority, with purchases made from various overseas suppliers. Of note was the purchase of heavy trucks from the Indianapolis-based Marmon-Herrington Company.

persianmhheavytrucksA total of 24 Marmon-Herrington trucks delivered to Iran in 1935 (Source: Overvalwagen). These also towed artillery pieces (what type remains unknown). It is not known how many more of these vehicles were delivered before the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran on August 25, 1941.

Marmon-Herrington was a world class heavy vehicle producer (armored vehicles and trucks). Marmon-Herrington trucks were to serve in several climactic conditions in many regions of the globe. This robust and reliable vehicle made a highly favorable impression on the Iranian army.

Marmon-Harrington Truck-Iranian Army-3Iranian Army Marmon-Herrington 6×6 ammunition truck (TH 310 Series?) of the Iranian Army sometime in 1940-1941 (Source: Overvalwagen).

There were other Marmon-Herrington (6×6) vehicles that were delivered to the Iranian army by 1940. These included the (heavy) DSD400-6 truck and the DSD800-6 artillery tractors, plus other possible (and unspecified as of yet) truck types. The artillery tractors were deployed for the transport of infantry and the towing of artillery pieces (currently unclear as to what type, size, etc.) for mechanized units.

Marmon-Harrington Truck-Iranian Army-4An antique Iranian army Marmon-Herrington Truck in the Tehran Museum (Source: Overvalwagen). Sadly, the vehicle is in a state of neglect and deteriorating in its battle against the elements.