Below are maps and photos of Old Tehran, is indebted to contributions by numerous history enthusiasts, including Fathali Ghahremani who contributed the old maps seen on this page.


[Click to Enlarge] Map of Tehran dated to 1826.


This photo is from (circa) 1871, during the Nasser e Din Shah era – it is the oldest known photo of Tehran. The name of the street today is Mirdamad. -نام کنونی این محل بلوار میرداماد میباشد-طهران در دوران حکومت ناصرالدين شاه قاجار-سال ۱۲۵۰ خورشیدی-


[Click to Enlarge] Map of Tehran dated to 1848.


One of Tehran’s gates during the Qajar era -یکی از دروازه های قدیمی تهران زمان قاجار-

Oldest Map of Tehran

[Click to Enlarge] Map of Tehran dated to 1858 [NOTE: this is very high resolution image which may take a little time to load].


[Click to Enlarge] A Tea and Coffee house in Tehran in the late Qajar era-قهوه خانه در بازار تهران –


میدان مشق در تهران زمان قاجار– Tehran’s Meydan Mashq during the Qajar era; note the paintings on the structure.


[Click to Enlarge] Tehran Bazaar in the late Qajar era -بازار تهران-


[Click to Enlarge] Interesting map of Tehran in 1890 – note legend markers.


[Click to Enlarge]Bread bakery (Sangak bread) in late qajar era –نانوائی اواخر دوره قاجار


[Click to Enlarge]Map of Tehran dated to 1900.