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         Pars TV

  • Pars TV (April 1, 2011)Pars TV (April 9, 2011), and Pars TV (April 16, 2011):  Interviews focused on issues of separatism and the Bernard lewis Plan with focus om Pan-Turkism and the role of Czarist and Soviet Russia and threats posed to modern-day Iran, Central Asia, Turkey, etc. by ethno-nationalist movements.
  • Pars TV (August 27, 2011): Introduction of Kaveh Farrokh’s books, articles, publiications and media appereances (esp. History Channel). There is also a follow-up discussion on Farrokh’s confronation with Spiegel Magazine and its supporters in Wikipedia, academia and Eurocentirsts.
  • Pars TV (December 18, 2011): A large discussion of the critical military history of Iran since Safavid times and how territories such as Western Afghanistan, the Caucasian Khanates, etc. were lost and partitioned due to foreign invasions. Detailed discussions also on the role of the Soviets in fomenting separatism – a policy promoted by the current Baku establishment and its Western supporters.
  • Pars TV (April 28, 2012): Discussion regarding role of imperialist powers in the early 20th century in inventing the term “Middle East” followed by other historical fictions such as “Ar..ian Gulf” . Specific emphasis was made  upon the targeting of Iran’s cultural and historical legacy in the Persian Gulf region, especially by mobilizing academia for this purpose – note of western academics such as Daniel Potts also made in interview.

        Hafteh Chacavar

        Partovi Digar

  • Appearances on ‘Partovi Digar’ (Another Ray of Light) Persian program on KRSI Radio (Radio Seday e Iran) in California: Consult program archives and please check Tuesdays’ broadcast.