Below are comments by a racist Persian chauvenist against Kaveh Farrokh in the YouTube posting of Farrokh recieving the Best History Book Award of 2008. Readers are warned that the language used by user “AxcendarTV” is extremely rude and profane.  Therefore, offending vocabulary has been delted and replaced with


Note that the comments have been removed from YouTube. The user (AxcendarIV) is a Persian ultra-nationalist as he posts videos of the late Shah in his profile – interestingly as soon as his rude comments were removed from YouTube he also deleted all of his videos in his profile, including those in support of the late Shah of Iran – click his picture below to access Mr. AxcendarIV profile:


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AxcendarIV has made a comment on WAALM Awards 08 Literature, Prof. Dr. Farrokh.wmv:

@#@# farrokh. Marddekeye doroghe khare mar [ Translation: @#@# Farrokh. The idiot/donkey snake man].

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boro damaghe koonito amal kon koonde farrokh kocholo. kamtar kooon bedeh.
[Translation: Go operate your big nose @#@# little Farrokh. Give less @#@#]. 
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