This article is a short tribute to the late Iranian actor رضا بیک ایمانوردی Reza Beyk Imanverdi  (1936-2003).

Beyk ImanverdiPortrait of the late Iranian actor رضا بیک ایمانوردی Reza Beyk Imanverdi (1936-2003) in the 1970s (Picture Source: WhatsUpIran). Imanverdi was an incredibly talented actor expressing his range from comedy all the way to drama, musicals and action pictures.

Imanverdi also starred in the 1960s Franco-Italian genre action movies and was popular among the European casting agencies. one notable picture was: Sedia Elettrica (The Electric Chair) (1969) – directed by Demofilo Fidani.

Imanverdi performs and sings with Jamileh in the movie Kaj Kolah Khan -كج كلاه خان- Jamileh was one of Iran’s most notable performers and dancers of the 1960s and 1970s; the song is actually sung by Iranian pop singer GooGoosh who remains a favorite in not only Iran but also in the Caucasus and Central Asia. (with special thanks to Video Markazi for originally posting this).

Imanverdi and acrtressUndated screenshot (1976?) of Imanverdi and Iranian actress (Source: Ghadimiha).

Imanverdi performs a traditional  song by Iranian singer Iraj (whose actual voice is dubbed on the above film). the song is of the shared Perso-Turkish or Persianate style in a movie entitled “معجزه”

[Mojeze-Miracle]. This genre of  music can be heard not just in Iran but also in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey with Turkish lyrics.

فاتحین صحرا-Film Release.jpgImanverdi in one of his action roles in the movie«فاتحین صحرا»[Victors of the Desert] in 1971 which was later dubbed into English and released in the early 1980s as “Treasure of the Lost Desert” (Sources: Public Domain & Facebook).

Excellent documentary video by Sohrab Akhavan on Imanverdi (see Sohrab Akhavan’s works at FilmeXmedia). Note the powerful sense of optimism displayed by the man even into his later years. This clip had been produced by Sohrab Akhavan in 2002, just one year before Beyk Imanverdi passed away.

Imanverdi in later yearsImanverdi in his later years (Picture source: ActorsBiography).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe late Imanverdi’s resting place (Picture source: Elizabeth Fox).