Readers, academics and all interested in the ancient military history of Iran (or Ancient Persia) are strongly encouraged to visit the following website: Ardeshir Radpour.

The photos and videos below in this posting are samples of Ardeshir Radpour’s recreations of ancient Iranian military personnel. These recreations are meticulous and surprisingly accurate to the minutest details, as Ardeshir Radpour consults original historical sources, archives and military historians on a regular basis.


Ardeshir Radpour as Sassanian knight with Roxanna as portrayed by actress, model, TV host, and fashion designer Leila Milani (لیلا میلانی‎) (see video further below). Roxanna is a Sassanian noblewoman who is the knight’s consort as well her comrade in arms in the Savaran cavalry. 

Ardeshir Radpour has spent years researching the militaries of ancient Iran. He has worked hard to recreate the military personnel of the Achaemenids and Sassanians, as well as those of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Below is a recreation by Ardeshir Radpour of an elite member of the Achaemenid armies:


Recreation of an Immortal Guardsman of the Achaemenid Armies by Ardeshir Radpour as they would have appeared during Xerxes’ invasion of Greece in 480 BCE (Image courtesy of Ardeshir Radpour). 

The works of Ardeshir Radpour are extensive, as evidenced by the photograph below at an event with the Farhang Foundation:

Radpour-Achaemenid Contingent

The full panoply of Achaemenid warriors – the equipment and military attire have been recreated by Ardeshir Radpour (Image courtesy of Ardeshir Radpour). 

Below is a recreation by Ardeshir Radpour of an elite member of the Savaran knights of the Sassanian armies (Spah):


Recreation of the equestrian, armour, attire and equipment of the Elite Sassanian Cavalry-اسواران ساسانی- by Ardashir Radpour (Image courtesy of Ardeshir Radpour). 

Below is a recreation of the aftermath of the Battle of Qadissisyah in c. 636 CE showing a Sassanian military officer in search of his beloved Roxanna who is his consort as well as fellow warrior in the Sassanian army battling against the invading Arabo-Islamic invasion forces of the Caliphate:

Movie Clip-Ardashir Radpour


Ardashir Radpour