Immortal miniatures ( is a relatively new company producing 28mm high metal figures intended for Wargaming and/or collecting.

What is interesting is Stephen May’s research into ancient Persia and his interest in preserving Iran’s ancient sites. The petition below for example is posted on his website:

Sign the petition to save the archeological sites of Pasargad

May founded Immortal Miniatures due to his interest in the history of the Near East, especially Persia and his love of sculpting small scale figures; May has also noted this objective is to do his part in correcting many of the misunderstandings about the Achaemenid Persian empire within the wargaming community.

Achaemenid Archers (Courtesy Stephen May)

Achaemenid Light Cavalry (Courtesy Stephen May)

Achaemenid troops (Courtesy Stephen May)

Also on May’s site are the beginnings of his Greek, Assyrian and Babylonian ranges.

As noted by May:

Researching the armies of Ancient Persia has been challenging, I would like to give my thanks to Kaveh Farrokh and all of the advice he has given me.

For more information about Stephen May’s miniatures please visit: