Readers are highly recommended to consult the following production:

Iran the Forgotten Glory: An Awe-inspiring Journey into the Majesty and Splendour of Ancient Persia

This is available in both English and Persian and was originally completed in 2008.

Meticulous research has resulted in the production of an excellent resource for those who are interested in learning about the history of ancient Persia. 

Makan Karandish, the film director of this project, has noted that he undertook this challenge on behalf of all Iranians, by producing this four episode documentary series. This work, “Iran the Forgotten Glory”, narrates the history of Iran before and after the Arab invasion.  Karandish’s production is very original as well as breathtakingly artistic. This production is indeed commendable and deserves high praise.

Mohsen Karandish, the film director for the historical documentary production “Iran the Forgotten Glory”.

Karandish has also made a very successful effort at reaching out to Western audiences. He has noted that:

My goal was to make a film that can communicate with the western audience as well

This five-year production has been filmed in well over 60 locations in the Iranian province of Fars. Iran the Forgotten Glory is an independent documentary film series that takes the audience in a journey into the depths of ancient Persian civilization. This captures the majesty and splendor of not just the Achaemenid but also the Sassanian empire, and their influence on world history, religion, art and culture.