The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media – WAALM and its division WAALM – School of Cultural Diplomacy (WAALM & WAALM -SCD)  hosted the 1st International Empower Africa Conference on 7th-10th Apri) in Plymouth, England. The conference has been reported in major African media outlets.

The director of WAALM, Dr. Musi Dorbayani, chairs the 1st International ‘Empower Africa’ Conference in Plymouth, England (7th – 10th April 2010). The event was of special importance as it was attended by African State officials, Members of Parliament and Executive delegates.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology available to WAALM – SCD, the African delegates engaged in live interactive lectures and Q & A sessions with WAALM -SCD faculty members.

Interactive Q & A with Patrick Hunt in Venice, Italy (at the time. Dr. Hunt focused on a number of topics pertinent to Africa. Workshops provided by WAALM faculty focused on a number of crucial topics issues pertaining to Africa including the environment (i.e. water management, sanitation and marine), negotiations and diplomacy in cross-cultural contexts, crucial employment facts in multicultural societies and the history and evolution of human rights.

Interactive Q & A with Kaveh Farrokh in Vancouver, Canada. Farrokh discussed the history of Cyrus the Great and the Cyrus Cylinder and its importance to human rights as we know it today. Farrokh’s lecture also focused on the role of Africa in ancient Achaemenid Persia