As reported in the WAALM-School of Cultural Diplomacy (SCD) Journal, President Tomas Magnusson and the International Peace Bureau (IPB) have formally inducted WAALM – School of Cultural Diplomacy as their new and official member of the IPB network.

The affiliation of WAALM-SCD was officially approved at the IPB Council meeting in Washington DC in late November, 2009.

The WAALM School of Cultural Diplomacy is also linked to the Academic Council On The United Nations System (ACUNS).

Founded in 1892, the International Peace Bureau (IPB) is the oldest and most comprehensive international peace federation, The IPB, which has UN Consultative Status, has as its primary mission the goal of promoting the idea of a world expunged from war.

The International Peace Bureau (IPB) received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1910. It is noteworthy that 13 of IPB’s leading members have also been bestowed this honored distinction, which sets a unique standard of excellence.

The IPB has connected organizations at the international and regional levels working in the fields of peace and disarmament.: The IPB today had succeeded in bringing together over 300 member organisations (in 70 countires), as well as many distinguished individual members.

The role of the IPB is to consolidate efforts made by different groups across the globe that work for nonviolent conflict resolution and culture of Peace. These groups include specialized peace groups,  professional bodies, youth groups, women’s organisations, and trade unions.