This video documentary traces the civilizations of ancient Iran from Elamite times to the Medes, Achaemenids, Parthians, Sassanians and the post-Islamic era (i.e. Safavids).


Part 1: The Elamites


 Part 2: Medes, Persians Cyrus the Great and Cylinder for Human Rights and Achaemenids


 Part 3: Alexander’s invasion of Persia, ousting of post-Alexandrian Seleucids by Parthian Empire, the Sassanians, Zoroastrianism


Part 4: Post-Sassanian Iran’s contribution to Islamic Civilization


Part 5: Rise of Persian arts, poetry, literaure , Universities and culture



Part 6: The development and Effervescence of post-Islamic Persia


Part 7: The artistic and cultural splendor of Persia