Kaveh Farrokh is teaching a new course at the University of British Columbia’s Continuing Education Division entitled:

Persia and World Civilization: A Silent Legacy

Course Desciption:

Trace the extent of Persian influence in China, India, Islam and Europe with specific examples such as the city palace of Persepolis and her legacy in Merovingian and Gothic arts; the dress of the Iranian nobility at the time of Darius the Great, and its later appearance among the Germanic Ostrogoths and Polish Szlachta; and Persian miniatures and their influence on Indian and Turkish arts.

UP502F09A 5 Wed, Oct 7-Nov 4, 7-8:30pm; UBC Robson Square. $80, seniors $70, CLS students $120

A Sassanian observatory recently discovered in Gur-City, Fars province, founded by  Ardeshir Babakan (r. 226-241 AD). The city was a major scientific center until the 10th century AD. The abode structure remains in excellent condition and is a masterpiece of Iranian science and engineering.

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