Iranian Identity & Origins

       Articles by Professor Ahmad Ashraf

Genetic Studies

         Collective Studies on entire Iranian Population

         Kurds and Iranian Azarbaijanis

         Parsees and Zoroastrians

        Iranian Arabs and Iranian Jews

Iran’s Indo-European Heritage

Northern Iran (Gilan, Mazandaran & Gorgan)

Delineation of the Historical Iranian People and State

Zoroastrian, Jewish, Armenian, Russian and Greek communities of Iran

[More updates in section from 2020]

Recommended Books


See also “The Iranic Scythians, Alans and Sarmatians” and “The Ossetians” in Arthurian and European Culture and Ancient Iran (Eire-An)

Kurdish Identity

Kurds and Pre-Islamic Era

Articles by Hamma Mirwaisi

Kurds and Dailamities

Kurdish Tribes


Genetic Studies

Kurdish Music

Mythology, Nowruz in Kurdistan and Kurdish Folklore