Below are select images of Iranian Kurdistan. For more on the topic and Kurds in general consult: The Kurds.


Iran-Kurdistan-DervishKurdish Sufi mystics partake in local Dervish ceremonies (Images  forwarded to on July 14, 2013 by Dr. Mohammad Ala, winner of the 2013 Grand Prix Film Italia Award for the documentary work Immortality). Many of these rites resonate with ancient Iranian mystical cults (ie. Mithrasim, Zurvanism, etc.) which gave rise to movements such as those of Mazdak during the Sassanian Empire (224-651 CE) and Babak Khorramdin in Azarbaijan who led a major revolt in 816- 837 CE aimed at liberating Iran from the Abbasid Caliphate.


[Click to Enlarge] Investiture scene above the late Sassanian armored knight at the vault at Tagh-e Bostan. To the left stands Goddess Anahita with her right hand raised, holding a diadem of glory or “Farr” towards Khosrow II at center who receives a diadem with his right hand from Ahura-Mazda or the chief Magus. Anahita was a revered goddess of war among Sassanian warriors (Source: Shahyar Mahabadi, 2004).

Girl from SanadajGirl from Sanadaj (Source:

Heracles-vicinity of BisotunA carved image of Heracles, vicinity of Bisotun (Source: Turismo en Iran).

Iran Kurdistan04Village of Palangan at Dusk (Source: Amos Chapple of

Angel-TBImage of an angelic figure at Taghe Bostan (Photo courtesy of Amiri-Parian).

iranian-kurd-talks-phone-mobile.siAn Iranian-Kurdish woman chats on her mobile phone in the city of Marivan in Iran’s Kurdistan province (Source: Reuters-Morteza Nikoubazl).

Anahita Temple-Kangavar[Click to Enlarge] The Anahita Temple at Kangāvar in Kermanshah Province. The Kangavar remains reveal a Hellenistic character at the edifice, with Iranian architectural designs. The column base for example, features very large dimensions measuring at just over 200m on a side. This combined with the site’s megalithic foundations, are harking back to the Achaemenid tradition of stone platforms, which are distinctly Persian in character (Source: Trek Earth).

kermanshah jamshid hotelThe Jamshid Hotel at Kermanshah (Source: