Criticism of the following study by Ali Makki:

BBC Persian: -’اکثر ایرانیان، نژاد آریایی ندارند’-Majority of Iranians do not have “Aryan” genes 

Ali Makki:

“Mayeh ye shishaki e kheili ghaliz, ba seda ye boland…” This is the biggest pile of pseudo-scientific horse manure I have seen since World War II when the term ‘Aryan’ was first hijacked by the NAZIs. How can this guy prove or disprove a moot point when there is no clear scientific definition or even a proven genetic marker for the so-called “Aryan race”. The term Aryan, which means “noble” was an historical self-designated native tribal name applied only to the Iranians and northern Indians that now only applies to a major branch of the Indo-European languages and the name of the country of ‘Iran’. It has no genotypic or phenotypic validity or association, and contrary to the ridiculous WWII notions, the Nordic Europeans who have blue eyes and blond hair are not “Aryans”. I don’t know who sponsored Mr. Ashrafian-Bonab’s so-called research (or if he has pan-Turkist leanings), but it reeks of “divide-and-conquer” propaganda (British-style) to rile up the “pan-whatevers” inside Iran and abroad or give the Islamic Republic more munition to edit and re-write ancient Iranian history for political gain once more!!! Just listen to the poppycock regarding the genepool of the so-called “sadat”…..