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            Iranian views of Eurocentricism against Cyrus the Great

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Use of Internet to Perpetuate Eurocentricism

Eurocentricism or Nordicism in Cinema

      The “300” Movies

  1. Introductory notes — see also: The Notion of Democracy and Human Rights
  2. What really led to War
  3. The Military Conflict: Separating Fact from Fiction
  4. The Error of Xerxes: The Burning of Athens
  5. The “West” battling against the “Mysticism” of “the East”
  6. The Portrayal of Iranians and Greeks
  7. A Note on the Iranian Women in Antiquity
  8. “Good” versus “Evil”
  9. Bibliography
  10. ترجمه مقاله کاوه فرخ به فارسی توسط غزال خاكسارى: فیلم 300: افسانه یا واقعیت

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The “Middle East” Myth

Classical Eurocentricism

     Articles by the Shahrbaraz Blog (in Persian)

The Writings of the late Amir Mehdi Badi -امیر مهدی بدیع- against Classical Eurocentrist Historiography – NOTE: Mehdi Badi exposes the faults with the Herodotus-style of reasoning with respect to historical events by Classical sources and like-minded modern historians (in Persian)

Racialism and Neo-Orientalism