Kaveh Farrokh’s book on the Sassanian Elite cavalry has been translated into Persian as the “Asvaran”            (اسواران ساسانی ) by Yusef Amiri and is now available in bookstores in Iran and abroad:

The complete and authorized Persian translation of Sassanian Elite Cavalry by Yusef Amiri was published in 2009. This is the only translation that has the permission of the author and the original publisher (Osprey). Please see sample pages (in pdf)

Yusef Amiri has significantly enriched and expanded the original English text by providing footnotes and additional information for Iranian readers using references such as the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Iranica, “Golden Age of Persia” by Richard Nelson Frye, and “Iran under Sassanians” by Arthur Christensen among others.


Book cover of the Asvaran, which is Yusef Amri’s project of having translated Kaveh Farrokh’s original book, Elite Sassanian cavalry in English which was orignally published in 2005 by Osprey Publishing in Oxford, England.  For Persian-readers interested in obtaining a copy of Amiri’s text, kindly consult the link below:


For further information on this book feel free to contact Yusef Amiri directly at: [email protected]

For a Persian-language review of Kaveh Farrokh’s original text in English kindly consult the Shahrbaraz website.