In July 2008, I wrote a humble retort to Spiegel magaizne regarding its negative characterization of Cyrus the Great and the people of Iran:

Here are some quotes against Cyrus the Great from the original Spiegel article posted on July 15, 2008:

“…a Persian despot…upstart king…no humanist…no evidence of moral reforms or humane commandments…”.

Please note that author of the article, Reporter Matthias Schulz is not the same person as Professor Matthias Schulz who did not write the article. I was contacted by Professor Matthias Schulz and he assured me that the writer of the article is a different person who only shares the same name as he.

Kindly note that I had not confused the reporter (Matthias Schulz ) with Professor (Matthias Schulz) in my original protests to Spiegel in July last year (see first link cited).

However many persons are now confusing the two – this even led to me making the same mistake a few months ago in a posting about Greece and Persia which I have now corrected here:

I also removed the picture of Dr. Schulz from the above posting and expressed my regret for having originally posted that in the above link. It is my hope that other Iranian authors and sites will also ensure that they identify the correct Matthias Schulz. 

This raises serious questions as to how/why the name mix-up occurred and why Spiegel has chosen to ignore this.  As noted in an e-mail to me (September 1, 2009) by Professor Matthias Schulz (who is not the same person as reporter Matthias Schulz):


[Kaveh farrokh] statements about the Spiegel confirm my impression that it is not the good journal it pretends to be, but rather a sensationalist weekly.