There have been finds of a golden winged lion at Meshkheti, Republic of Georgia with Persian inscriptions. The Georgian Academy of Sciences (especially the Manuscript division) and Professor Abuladze have worked extensively in dating and identifying this astounding discovery made originally in 2000.


Preliminary photo of the golden Winged-Lion of Meshkheti (Copyright of Georgian Academy of Sciences and Manuscripts, Tbilisi, Georgia). Georgian Iranologists and the Georgian Academy of Sciences have determined that the origin of this lion is from Iran. The reports of the study have been transferred to Kaveh Farrokh to be compiled for publication.


The last decade has seen a virtual explosion in the field of Iranian Studies in Georgia, notably the (pre and post) Achaemenid, Parthian, Sassanian and post-Islamic domains of Iran’s legacy in Georgia. In that endeavor, a new link entitled: Iran and Caucasia has been created in my humble website:


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