Readers are encouraged to consult an article in Persian by writer Azargoshnasp entitled

“What has happened to the Persian language –زبان پارسی را چه شده است؟ -” 

Recommended within this context, is a book in Persian by Dr. Mohammad Mohammadi Malayeri –دکتر محمد محمدی ملایری –  entitled:

Iranian Culture before Islam and its Influence on Islam and Western Literature

فرهنگ ایرانی پیش از اسلام و اثار ان در تمدن اسلامی و ادبیات عرب

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The contents of the book are as follows::

Chapter 1: The Cultural works of Iran and their fate during the Arab invasion                                        

Chapter 2 : The influence of Sassanian Government adminstration upon the Caliphates

Chapter 3: Administrators/Scribes of Iran before and after Islam                                                        

Chapter 4: Scientific movements/Rennaisance dueing the Abbasid Era and the translation of Persian works 

Chapter 5: How many Historical books in Pahlavi were translated into Arabic?                                

Chapter 6: Iranian Stories and Myths/fables in Arabic Literature                                                          

Chapter 7: Philosophical and scientific intellectual developments in Iran from the time of Anushirvan to the early Islamic era                                                                                                                                      

Chapter 8: JundiShapur: the medical center of Iran before Islam and in the early Islamic era                   

Chapter 9::  Scientific and Moral – in iran and Islam 

Chapter 10: Books regarding Morals/etiquette written in Arabic                                                           

Chapter 11:Orthographic rules of Persian and technical Arabic prose

Unfortunately Dr Malayeri passed away in 2002. but he was successfull to compiling some valuable books pertaining to iranian history and culture during the Sassanid era and its legacy upon future cultures and generations.  More information is available here on the following links: