Below is a photo gallery of the Nowruz celebrations in the year 2009 at the site of the tomb of Cyrus the Great at Pasargardae, the same area famed for being the location of the Persian Gardens of antiquity, and ancient engineering projects. The 2009 Nowruz celebrations at Pasargardae are available in YouTube for viewing.

What is remarkable is the prevalence of children and youth in the 2009 celebrations, lending credence to reports that there has been a markled increase in interest in Iran’s pre-Islamic heritage. The Nowruz is celebrated by a whole range of iranic peoples outside of Iran, including Kurds in iraq, Turkey and the Caucasus (the Nowruz is widely celebrated in the Republic of Azarbaijan), the Tats and Talysh of the Caucasus, as well as a variety of Turkic-speaking peoples in Central Asia.

Youth holding banner which reads: be prosperous O Iran Be Free O Iran Be proud of your very own Children

Youths chant for the Nowruz.

Chanting prayers (presumably Avesta hymns?) with right hand held forward as as seen with the guards at Persepolis. Note the Haft-Seen arranged on Iranian flag on the ground.

Another view of the Haft-Seen; note Pasargardae tomb in background.

More gatherings around the Haft-Seen; note the presence of children.

The arrangement of Sabzee, plants and herbs symbolizing fertility as personified by the ancient Iranian goddess of the waters and life force, Anahita.

Tossing flowers at Cyrus’ tomb