The Republic of Georgia is an ancient nation which has had long-standing cultural and historical associations with Iran throughout the centuries. One facet where the two nations have enjoyed mutual influence is in popular music, a feature of the centuries long interplay of musical traditions between Iran and Georgia.

The music clip below is by singer Limozin from Georgia who sings a song named “Lorena“. It is of the more “pop” style or contemporayr music style, however what is remarkable is how similar this music clip sounds to contemporary Iranian popular music:

There are many historical echoes of the mutual influences between Georgia and Iran. One striking example is in the area of Achaemenid architecture, notbaly the city-palace of Persepolis. In their exhaustive studies of the impact  of Achaemenid architecture upon Iberia (or Ancient Georgia), Professors Eliso Akhvlediani and Kakha Khimshiashvili have found striking parallels between ancient Iranian and Georgian architecture.


 Ancient Georgian Column Capital discovered in Tsikha Gora (Courtesy of Gagoshidze and Kipiani). Note the striking resemblance to the column capital from Persepolis below.

The double-bull motif column capital typical fo Achaemenid-era architecture in sites such as Persepolis and Susa. Note the vivid parallels in style, construction and motifs. Architecture is only one of the many facets in which the ancient Caucasus and Persia have enjoyed mutual influences.

Despite two centuries of political and “:educational” efforts by the Czarist and Soviet regimes of Russia, the cultural bonds between the Caucasus and Iran have continued to endure.