There have been a number of deliberate attacks of vandalism directed Iran’s heritage and pre-Islamic sites. One of these was directed against the Perspolis Palace in late December 2006.

Destruction of Achaemenid relief by anti-Cyrus vandals at Persepolis, December 6, 2006
(Report on December 23, 2006 by Maryam Tabeshian of CHN; and reported by Payvand news of iran)

The Cultural Heritage News Agency of Iran also reported that according to official reports, a “film crew” had been responsible for detaching one of the heads of the Achaemenean guard reliefs at Persepolis on December, 21, 2006.

There seems to be no proper system in place to protect Iran’s archaeological sites. A private photograph sent from Iran on January 16 2009, shows what appears to be the base of a column from one of Iran’s heritage sites being used as a short stool for shoes in the entrance-way of a prayer hall or gathering place.

A piece of Iran’s ancient heritage being used as entrance furniture in a public place. The item may possibly be from Persepolis however closer examination and measurements are needed for verification.