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A whole new set of pan-Turk sites have been appearing in the last 3-4 months, almost 1-2 per day! This is indicative of a very active clique who is interested in propagating false information and history, especially with respect to the Soviet-puppet Pishevari movement in Iranian Azarbaijan during and after World War II. The site below was just announced today:

The format and design of this site are surprisingly similar to that of the Chehreganli GAMOH pan-Turk racialist group:
The GunAksam website posts the nonsense drivel of Iran-haters such as Brenda Shaffer as well as Karl Rahder, Jean-Christophe Peuch, and Nasib Nasinzadeh. Interestingly, they have also posted a distorted and false article on the 1946 Soviet-puppet Pishevari movement which collapsed after the withdrawal of Russian troops. The article is entitled:

Independent South Azerbaijan 1945-1946:
Mir Jafar Pishavari South Azerbaijan Democratic Government Leader

The article avoids mentioning the following:

  1. The so-called “movement” was a creation of World War II Russian occupying forces, under the direct supervision of Mr. MirJaafar Bagherov.
  2. The weapons of the movement were given to the movement by the Russians who transferred equipment captured from the Iranian army
  3. The existence of extreme corruption, cronyism and nepotism within Pishevari’s cabinet
  4. The execution of Azarbaijanis opposed to the separatist and pan-Turkist views of the Pishevari movement
  5. The assassination of Pishevari in Baku after the collapse of the movement.
  6. No mention of the stormy meeting bet6ween Pishevari and Bagherov in which Pishevari stated that “the mistake of the movement was that i8t neglected the historical fact that the people and history of Azarbaijan are intimately tied to that of the people and nation of Iran“. Bagherov is then reported as having lost his temper and some even report that he told Pishevari “now sit down little man“. 

It is worth noting that recent revisionist “historians” (using Soviet-era propaganda) such as Shaffermake no mention of these facts.

It is now evident that the attempt to create a separatist movement inside Iranian Azarbaijan has failed. To the contrary, Iranian Azarbaijanis now refer to the Republic of Azarbaijan as “Iran e Shomali” (North Iran) and have now made their own claims to that region.
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Kaveh Farrokh