Historical Revisionism and Persophobic Policies of the Former Soviet Union and its Communist and Separatist Clients 

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Interview of Yusef Amiri (http://asvaran.blogspot.com) with Kaveh Farrokh (کاوه فرخ) on the history of promoting Persophobia, separatism and pan-Turkism against Iran

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Pan-Turkism: Revising History, Language and Literature

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Books by writers promoting pan-Turkism

  1. Mohammad Taqi Zehtabi (a member of Pishevari’s pro-Soviet movement in 1946) wrote:  Tarikh e Direen e Torkan e Iran
    [The Ancient History of the Turks of Iran].  This book routinely falsifies references and relies on pan-Turk and Soviet-era literature to revise history. Download this book in 13 parts in pdf: Zehtabi-01, Zehtabi-02, Zehtabi-03, Zehtabi-04, Zehtabi-05, Zehtabi-06, Zehtabi-07, Zehtabi-08, Zehtabi-09, Zehtabi-10, Zehtabi-11, Zehtabi-12, Zehtabi-13.
  2. Firooz Mansouri book review of Javad hayat’s book on Turkic Languages in Iran(in persian in pdf)
  3. Dr. Alireza Asgharzadeh’s “Iran and the Challenge of Diversity” in 2007:   This book falsifies references and relies on pan-Turk and Soviet-era literature as well as anti-Semitic writers such as Nasser Pourpirar to revise history. See analysis of Dr. Asgharzadeh’s book by Azargoshnasp (An analysis of the Book by Dr. Alireza Asgharzadeh in pdf) and Kaveh Farrokh’s analysis of Dr. Asgharzadeh’s text.  Download this book in pdf: Iran and the Challenge of Diversity: Islamic Fundamentalism, Aryanist Racism, and Democratic Struggles (2007).
  4. George Bournoutian, review of The Azerbaijani Turks: Power and Identity Under Russian Rule, by Audrey L. Altstadt, in the Armenian Review 45, no. 3 (Autumn 1992), pp. 63-69 (pdf). This book is noteworthy for its selective references and its reliance on pan-Turk and Soviet-era literature.
  5. Reviews of Brenda Shaffer’s “Borders and Brethren: Iran and the Challenge of Azerbaijani Identity“. Evan Siegal’s review in Iranian Studies, Volume 37, Issue 1 March 2004 , pages 140 – 143 (pdf) see longer version of Siegel’s review (click here). Touraj Atabaki’s review in Slavic Review, 63:1 (2004) (pdf).
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Endangered Peoples of the Caucasus: Lezgians and Talysh

Pan-Turk Activists: Spreading Racialist Propaganda  and Engaging in Vandalism

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