Below is video of pan-Turk anti-Iran separatsts chanting anti-Iranian slogans in Tehran’s  Stadium – this was forwarded to on Friday, Aug 27, 2010 by Tara Farhid-Gallo. In the video below, pan-Turk activists:

  • Chant separatist sentiments for Azarbaijan.
  • Then in an interesting twist they adopt pan-Arabist rhetoric, using the historicallyfalse name of “Arab Gulf” to erroneously refer to the historically-attested Persian Gulf.
  • They also flash the pan-Turk fascist salute and then howl like wolves in accordance with their philosophy of being founded by a mythical Grey Wolf.


-تجزیه طلبان ترک در استادیوم آزادی شعار خلیج عربی سر دادند- Video of Pan-Turk racialists in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium in late-August 2010 chantng anti-Iran  slogans and also chanting “Arab Gulf”. Note how this is taking place in a major venue inside Tehran!