Kavehfarrokh.com had been subjected to a series of heavy Ddos attacks. A number of these have been traced to Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan to a person named Viktor Chernookov. For his full profile and information on the Kazakhstan location and person click here and here – below is a summary of his profile and company in Astana, Kazakhstan:

  • Person: Chernookov Viktor
  • Address: ul. Orynbor. 8
  • Address: 010000, g. Astana
  • Phone: +7 7172 741076
  • Fax-no: +7 7172 741076
  • Netname: AONIT
  • Description: AO Nacionlnye Informacionnye Tehnologi
  • Country: KZ (Kazakhstan)

Viktor Chernookov

Viktor Chernookov who is in charge of Systems Operation & Users Support Department and Server Infrastructure Department at the distinguished NITEC compnay in Astana, Kazakhstan. it is possible that Mr. Chernookov is innocent of these attacks against Kavehfarrokh.com as his company and computer may have been hacked to mask attacks against Kavehfarrokh.com.

These actions traced to the person of Viktor Chernookov from Kazakhstan appear consistent with the following attacks aimed to destroy Kavehfarrokh.com by the following locales: