Pan-Turk activists based in Baku have threatened to attack Kaveh Farrokh with acid – below is a snapshot photo demonstrating this threat (they were apparently not pleased with a lecture given by Farrokh at the University of Southern California on April 22, 2013).

Acid Threat-1

[Click to Enlarge] Pan-Turk activist on Facebook, Aysen Mustafayeva from Baku threatens to spray acid onto Kaveh Farrokh simply because of his academic lecture at the University of Southern California which displayed ancient maps and historical references to the ancient Caucasus. The identity of the person conversing with Mustafayeva has been blocked for his safety from pan-Turk activists. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are aware of this incident.

The Iranian establishment supports pan-Turk activists, with members of Iran’s security services also having uttered threats against Kaveh Farrokh. Mr. Amin Jaafari (who changed his name to Mehemed Emin) launched a major attack and uttered threats against Kaveh Farrokh in the Kaveh Farrokh Facebook page – below is an excerpt:

این عمل شما هم بی پاسخ نخواهد بود…    هیچ درجه و مدرکی از انسانیت ندارید …you have no humanity…this action of yours will be responded to… [for more see further below…]

Just days after Mr. Jaafari made his threats in late April 2011, website was attacked several times – for more information on Mr. Jaafari in Iran, click here…

Amin JaafariAmin jaafari of the Iranian security services has uttered threats against Kaveh Farrokh and used his office to launch Ddos attacks against His attacks against Kaveh Farrokh began after his exposure as a pan-Turk supporter on October 25, 2011. Pan-Turk activists have supported Wikipedia activists and Dutch archivist Jona Lendering against Kaveh Farrokh in Wikipedia. Jona Lendering enjoys close ties with the current Iranian political establishment.

Baku and Iran-based pan-Turks have launched attacks against Kaveh Farrokh and the website since 2008. They have:

1) supported Wikipedia attacks against Kaveh Farrokh (see user Atabeg in Wiki Talkpage) – see also pan-Turk lobbies in Wikipedia (in Persian پان ترک ها، ویکی پدیا و لابی آمریکایی ) – and attacks against from Russia.

2) posted racist blogs (click here…)

3) co-operated with Iranian establishment authorities who promote Jona Lendering – see report by Shimon D. Cohen which discusses  political lobbies attacking Kaveh Farrokh:

Outside Iran, the regime has also hired a number of foreigners to attack Cyrus the Great’ historical figure – …a well known among them is a pseudo-historian … Jona Lendering …Islamic republic has opened an office for him in Central Tehran and put him on their pay list for his supererogatory services. To promote himself as a ‘historian’…began a hate campaign against those Iranian academics not favoured by the Islamic Republic, who are living outside Iran and are expert in Pre-Islamic Iranian history, in particular Dr Kaveh Farrokh…”

Jona Lendering‘s attacks against Kaveh Farrokh were discredited by a panel of academics in early 2009 (click here…)

4) (like Jona Lendering) Pan-Turk activists have launched ad Hominem attacks against Kaveh Farrokh