Iran is perhaps the most unique country in that despite its long history and mighty contributions to human civilization, it has a hard core of Persophobes inside Iran and in the diaspora.

Iran has essentially become colonized at the political and educational levels, by a highly influential cadre of anti-Iranists (mainly the pan-Muslim religious right and “former” leftists) who essentially honor, support and fund Persophobes (within Iran and the diaspora). Interestingly, this type of paradigm is closely aligned to the Eurocentric views of ancient Iran. These same parties simultaneously work to marginalize and even discredit non-partisan historians within Iran and especially in the West.

The promotion of Persophobia and anti-Iranian sentiments among Iranians is not confined to developments inside Iran today – it is in fact a phenomenon rampant among Iranians in the diaspora as well as almost within every segment and economic level of Iranian society.

There are  five general channels active at present (kindly click on each of the below links for more information):

1) The Left and Communists (often supporting separatist activists).

2) The extreme religious right and the Muslim Brotherhood.

3) Idealistic non-political writers and Academics.

4) Opportunistic and self-serving persons in the Diaspora.

5) Opportunistic and self-serving persons within Iran.