Mr. Bahari Bahari (possibly a pseudonym) has resorted to much falsification and distortion to promote his pan-Turkist views of Persephobia. He is highly determined to sway as many Iranian Azarbaijanis as possible in false history and especially hatred against Persian language/culture and the historiography of Iran. The scale and intensity of his activities would indicate that he is employed in these pursuits on a full-time basis.

Pan-Turk activists engaging in book burnings of texts related to Cyrus the Great on December 19 2006. Note that other books being burned are those of Shahnameh, Golestan Sa’adi, Hafez etc. The photo was originally posted on Mehran Bahari’s pan-Turkist website www.baybak.comPayman Pakmehr of Tabriz News reported this news wich was cuased shocl and alarm among Iranian Azarbaijanis. Having witnessed this reaction, Mehran Bahari then quickly withdrew the above photo from his website.


A fake picture of Mehran Bahari as shown in his Blogger link . In reality this is a picture of a young European model as seen in the Educate (UK) webbsite. Note that if you Google “young handsome Businessman” in Google Images you will also see the exact same portrait.

Mr. Bahari issues masses of messages to large and well-organized newsgroups and runs a large number of links (see eblow) which suggests a high level of activity and employment in these endeavors on a full-time basis:

The above links are Mr. Bahari’s venues for information distortion and dissemination.