Dariush: Azar Abadegan (داریوش آذرآبادگان). Iranian singer Dariush, himself an Iranian Azari, sings against pan-Turks and separatists. 

“Gozel Iran” (Beautiful Iran) sung in Azari Turkish


Jan Sen Ghorian sings “Gozel Iran” (Beautiful Iran) -ای گوزل ایران ، جان سن قوربان

Anti Pan-Turk Rally by Iranian Azarbaijanis at Babak Castle

The video clip: shows Iranian Azarbaijanis celebrating the exploits of Babak Khorramdin for ancient iran by singing the anthem of Iran (Ey Iran) and holding the ancient Iranian banner of  Kaveh Ahangar – poems by Iranian-Azari singer Dariush.


Azarbaijanis Demonstrate in support of Persian Gulf in Tabriz

Below is a video showing Iranian Azarbaijanis in Tabriz demonstrating in support of the Persian Gulf.


Iranian Azarbaijani affirming Iranian legacy of iranian Azarbaijan

The video below is by an Iranian Azarbaijani from the city of Qazvin, Kamran Kaviani, who highlights the Iranian legacy of Iranian Azarbaijanis.

As noted by Kamran Kaviani:

Pan-Turks don’t represent the majority of Iranian-Azaris I can tell you that. Azaris in Iran have very little racial identity, they just consider themselves Iranian, they breed with other Iranians (especially Kurds and Persians) and are not in a state of feeling “oppressed” as Ms. Fakhteh Zamani states. The people who hate Pan-Turkists the most in Iran are not Persians, they are the very Azaris the Pan-Turkists target with their propaganda. Thanks for all the work, Pan-Turks will never win as long as Azaris are united. The most important thing to ensure that Pan-Turkism stays down is to simply educate the people, your site does just that, wonderful job. All Iranian ethnic groups are oppressed equally, one could argue that claiming more oppression on a certain ethnic group is just racism and supremacy. The unity of the Iranian people will never be broken by outside forces, long live Iranzamin.

Below are videos forwarded by Kamran Kaviani:

Iranzamin: Azarbaijan

The flag of Azarbaijan with Lion-Sun emblem.


 Azaris are a Turcophone Iranian People

Iranian Azarbaijani affirming Iranian legacy of iranian Azarbaijan

Video below of Iranian azaris in iran speaking out against pan-Turkism in a university conference.

Iranian Azarbaijani video affirming Azarbaijani ties with Iran within the context of Iran’s political processes