The photos graphs below provide rare glimpses into the city of Zanjan, which is the provincial capital of Zanjan province in northwest Iran. Exact dating of these photos however is challenging as the sources accessed provide no specific dates.


The first official major of Zanjan, Haj Ali Akbar Tofighi (1872-1945) (Source: Public Domain).

Zanjan-1A rare photo of the square at Zanjan during the late Qajar era taken by the Italian photographers Louis Montalbone (1827-1877) and Luigi Pesce (1827-1864) (Source:

Zanjan-2-mirbahaaldinAn old (undated) photo of the bridge of Mir-baheddin built during the Qajar era (Source:

3-Zanjan-bankThe Zanjan branch of the Iran National Bank, possibly early 1940s (Source:

4-Zanjan-Sabzeh MeydanSabzeh Maydan square of Zanjan (Source:

6-Zanjan-Mosque in old BazaarThe mosque in the old Bazaar of Zanjan, possibly 1930s or 1940s (Source: &