Below is a short video of Iranian Azarbaijan highlighting its seminal role in the historical and cultural development of Iran. The video was sent to by Professor David Rahni.

Iranian Roots of Azarbaijan / Azerbaijan Azərbaycan آذربایجان 

Readers interested in academic topics and papers pertaining to the above short video may wish to consult the following links:

Shah Ismail Persareum Rex

[Click to Enlarge] Shah Ismail (r. 1501-1524) as depicted by a European painter – the painting is now housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Italy. Note the Latin terms “Rex Persareum” [Monarch of Persia] which makes clear that Shah Ismail was the king of Safavid Persia or Iran. Despite being hopelessly outmatched by the Ottoman armies in manpower and firerams, Ismail stood his ground in Chaldiran on August 23, 1514. Despite their victory, the Ottoman Turks, who had also sufferred heavy losses, failed to conquer Iran. For more Click Here

Ferdowsi’s Shahname refers to Azarbaijan by its original name: آذرابادگان. There are exactly 5 instances of the word آذرابادگان in four chapters of the Shahnameh (click on this link for more information)

سپاهی گزین کرد زآزادگان بیام سوی آذرابادگان           بیام سوی آذرابادگان

  وزین بهره بود آذرابادگان       که بخشش نهادند آزادگان

               همی رفت تا آذرابادگان     ابا او بزرگان و آزادگان